How The Simple Elephant Was Born

Hi there! I’m Jen, owner of Papercode and creator of the Simple Elephant.  Here’s my story.  I was an accounting major with a great corporate job I loved in NYC.  But in 2016, my life was crumbling. 

The past 9 long grueling months were spent accompanying my mother to chemotherapy while she battled stage 4 ovarian cancer.  It crushed my soul at every. single. appointment.  And the stress of performing at work while dying inside showed up in my body as a terrible disease – Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  This oftentimes misunderstood and debilitating condition caused increasing brain fog and fatigue to a point where I was a walking zombie (as opposed to a flesh crazed running one).


Keeping goals, planning my days, and journaling helped me through this awful ordeal but I carried around 3 different notebooks!  My shoulder wanted to fall off.  What I needed was a goals tracker, day planner, and notebook in one and found nothing like it on the market so I designed it. 

The Simple Elephant was originally for my own use to help me get through this life experience but it did so much more than that!

With continuous use, I found myself taking charge of my actions, remembering goals, and feeling much more fulfilled and happier. I figured, hey – there must be others who could benefit from this! And that’s how the Simple Elephant was welcomed to the world.