the simple elephant

How it works

The Focus

Goal clarity is your gateway to the stars.  Fill in the goal(s) that will make your heart soar if you reached them.  They should excite you and give you that pep in your step!

Jot down affirmations and things you’re grateful for.  Numerous case studies show incorporating these two mindsets lead to a more focused and happier life.


Mindmap & Vision Board

The left brain is logical and analytical.  Declutter the brain and organize thoughts with a mindmap.

The right brain is visual.  Create a vision board to see your success now.

With the mindmap & vision board duo, fully engage both sides of the brain for powerful motivation and focus to achieve your goals!


Monthly & Weekly Goals

The key is to plan backwards!  

Take your goals from your FOCUS pages and break them down into more achievable monthly goals.

Then take your monthly goals and break those down further into actionable weekly goals.

Easy peezy.


Adjust as you go

The weekly reviews provide reflection time on your past week’s actions.  Give yourself a pat on the back for your successes and get real with what you could have done better.

This is the time to adjust your actions for next week if you didn’t reach your weekly goal.


The Simple Elephant System

The average person checks their goals once a year.  A superstar revisits their goals every 1-4 weeks.  Science shows if you check your goals multiple times and adjust your actions accordingly, you’re many more times likely to reach them.

Be a superstar with the help of the Simple Elephant.  Every few weeks, the Simple Elephant will pop up on your weekly view.  For that week, go back to your Focus pages and read over your goals, gratitudes, and affirmations.  

This system is exclusive to the Simple Elephant and proven to work.  Welcome to the Simple Elephant family.


Hit new goal slaying records!​