Simple Elephant Planner 2021 - Daily, Weekly, Monthly Agenda - Undated Productivity Journal - Gratitude, Life & Goal, Success (Lilac)


The first goals tracker, day planner, and notebook in one.

It’s simple and easy to use – designed for those who want more out of life.



  • includes Simple Elephant System (what’s this?)
  • Grab your free user guide here
  • Undated
  • 12 months
  • 58 pages for journaling/note taking (college-ruled)
  • Accordion folder
  • Free sheet of event planner stickers
  • Elastic strap
  • Pen holder
  • 3 ribbon bookmarks
  • UNDATED 2021 PLANNER to focus on goals, be productive and carve a path to success for high achievers
  • MINDMAP AND VISION BOARD sections that fully engage the mind for a 90 day or monthly gratitude plan
  • THICK NO-BLEED PAPER (110gsm), durable soft leatherette hardcover, 58 note page journal, and undated 12 month planner
  • FREE SHEET OF STICKERS included with bonus set of productivity enhancing eBooks & infographics
  • If you EVER have an issue with this item we will send you a replacement on us, no questions asked!
The Simple Elephant Planner

The Simple Elephant Planner is the perfect product for dreamers and aspiring achievers. This is because it helps them devise their course of action in an organized way, motivates them to stay on track and encourages them to strive for the fulfilment of their goals.

Planner Type

The simple, compact and easy to use product is a day planner, goals tracker and notebook in one. It calls itself “The best agenda day planner to help you achieve your goals, plus increase productivity and passion and happiness.” Whether you’re looking for Planners for Men, Planners for Women, Appointment Book Planner or Entrepreneur Planner, this product is useful for all the above mentioned purposes and much more. 


The Simple Elephant Planner comes with a pen holder, three ribbon bookmarks, elastic strap as well as a free sheet of colorful event stickers. The purpose of these stickers is to instantly draw your attention to your priorities, events and goals. They have different signs on them to indicate what you’re supposed to focus on. For example, the heart symbol means you need to look after your health, the plane sign serves as a reminder of travel plans and the plus sign would remind you of important appointments with a business client etc. Whether you’re a college student or a professional, you’ll certainly enjoy planning with these high quality colorful stickers; they are of fine quality and well serve the purpose.  

Planner Template

The Simple Elephant Planner has template designs for different parts. The My Focus page template has a ‘I’m Grateful for…’ section followed by ‘Affirmations’ down on the same page. The adjacent My Focus page is for ‘My Top 5 Goals for This year.’ It is designed as such to help you identify the goals and milestones that you’ve set for yourself to achieve in the given time period. Similarly, there are templates for other sections within the planner. The monthly planner template includes month, goals, and space to write ‘Notes’ so you can enter or highlight an important occasion or event that month such as a birthday etc. As for the weekly planner template, there are days mentioned to jot down your tasks in order. On top of the left side of the template is the heading ‘Goals for This week’ and the adjacent page has two sections on top: ‘Successes’ and What I Can Do Better.’ More space is given for Monday till Friday days while Saturday and Sundays have lesser space simply because it’s the weekend. 

How to Use It

There is no hard and fast rule to use the Simple Elephant Planner; you can make it your own. The planner however has a format and tips mentioned in order to make the best possible use of its features. It includes The Mind Map on which you can simply draw out a map of the plan you have in mind. This also allows you to identify the loop holes if any. Then there is a Vision Board which enables you to visualize your success. It motivates you and guides you to focus towards your dreams. You can draw, clip or print the images that best reflect your goals and paste them on this board to serve as a motivational reminder. 

Use the planner as a goal organizer and purpose planner. Often having a busy schedule can keep you from prioritizing the tasks or deflect you from understanding their purpose. But with weekly actionable goals and monthly successes, you are in a better position to track your path and assess your progress. The Planner is designed in a way that allows you to feel a sense of gratification and happiness over small victories. This is important for mental health as being preoccupied and overworked can have a negative effect on your overall health and productivity. When you acknowledge your positive feelings and write them down they are reinforced and serve as encouraging remarks for the future. 

Planner Care Tips

The Simple Elephant Planner is easy to take care of, especially if you’re following its ‘Fabulous Tips.’ They include holding the planner together with the elastic binding, keeping tags, flags and other stuff in the expandable folder and making sure you don’t forget the pen in between pages causing its ink to bleed. The pen must be put in the holder. 

Portable Planner

The Simple Elephant Planner is very convenient to use and carry as it is lightweight. It is just the perfect size to fit in any bag, hence ideal as a personal size planner.

Planner Best Used By

As mentioned earlier, this product can be used for multiple purposes and by people belonging to all age groups and backgrounds. It is the best gratitude journal for men as it urges them to see the positive side of things and not become disappointed over short term failures. The product ranks among the best planners for college, best planners for work as well as best planners for creatives. This is because it has numerous sections and each one can be personalized. 

Planner Best Use For

According to customer experiences and reviews, the product is a college planner pro; it’s been praised among the most helpful and effective custom academic planners. Also, it serves as a great appointed notebook and allows a full focus planner review. You can track and assess every step of the way, ranging from the baby steps to the hard core planning, the obstacles and the means to overcoming them and lastly the results that make the process worth experiencing. 

Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 8.7 × 6.5 × 0.8 in


Paper quality

110 gsm

Paper color



12.3 ounces


8.3 x 5.9 x 0.8 inches


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