General Questions

  • How much is shipping?
  • Shipping is free for all products! They are processed via our Amazon warehouse so if you get an unexpected Amazon package, don't worry - it's from us 🙂
  • What's included in your 100% Happiness Guarantee?
  • Buying anything off the internet involves trust and an excellent returns policy!
    And that we have. If anything is wrong with the product or you're unhappy or you just want to return the product - reach out to our 5-star rated customer service team anytime at [email protected].

Questions about the Simple Elephant

  • What is the Simple Elephant?
  • It's a goals tracker, day planner, and notebook all in one neat little package.
  • How is the book laid out?
  • All the months are first (pages 5-28), next are the weekly views (pages 29-134), and then comes the note pages (pages 135-191).
  • How long does it last (that's what she said)?
  • You're funny. It lasts for 12 full months!
  • Will there be a dated version?
  • We may come out with it if there's enough interest.
  • Do you give out coupons?
  • Yes we do! Join our mailing list to get a 10% off coupon and follow us on FB and Instagram!

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