How to Start Planning for Year 2021

 Anything new has a beginning and everyone wants a positive beginning. The year 2021 brings with it new hopes and as is the custom everyone starts making resolutions which are seldom kept. Nevertheless it is a good time to start fresh as you are fired up to achieve new milestones.

Past Year Summary 

2020 didn’t turn out to be a very good year for mankind in general. It brought with it the pandemic Covid-19 that wreaked havoc. Not only did it cause a lot of deaths, but life all over the world came to a standstill. The world as we knew changed. Suddenly, there was this looming threat of the coronavirus which was more of an invisible enemy that could strike anyone, anytime and thus the concept of social distancing was introduced. With lockdowns and everything closing down people lost jobs and it led to economic hardships for people all over the globe. The saddest part was the helplessness of mankind in the face of this crisis. The year passed coping with the damage it caused and as it ended we were still struggling to come to terms with the uncertain disease that we know little of.

What Missed Last Year 

Year 2020 ended with a lot to be desired. Many goals that people had set were never achieved because coronavirus dictated its own terms. Wedding plans changed, trips were cancelled, stock markets crashed, job goals were missed, on the other hand people started losing their once secure jobs. All this forced mankind to pause and reflect on what actually is important in life and how precious life really is. 

But while we missed on some things, we also gained in some aspects. People changed their lifestyles, opting for healthier alternatives. Being home meant more time with loved ones, getting to do things together you never had time for. So where a lot of our plans went missing, some new plans and goals were set with a different frame of mind.

Important Things for Next Year 

Year 2020 taught us a lot of things. It showed us how fickle life is and how unpredictable. No matter how powerful or strong you are, your plan may not work out because destiny has other plans. This promoted a feeling of sameness, making us humbler and it is important to hold on to this feeling and set fresh goals with a different perspective. So get hold of your daily planner book and note down the most crucial things to be kept in mind as we make new beginnings. 

Let’s remember in 2021 how to value the most significant things.

  • Remember to cherish “now”.
  • Celebrate what you have.
  • Be self-sufficient. 
  • Recognize what is in your hands and learn to let go of things you have no control over.

Set New Work Goals with Timeline

Though we mentioned that destiny makes its own plans, that doesn’t mean we stop making our own. Knowing what you want is only the first step towards the journey to achieve it. It is always best to have a plan with realistic timelines to know where you are headed and to keep a track of your own targets. If 2020 knocked you down, it is time to get up, be strong and face the year ahead with courage. 

Take Charge and Set Work Hours

Work goals have changed quite drastically for some people since last year.  If you are working from home, devise plans that can help you work effectively. For some people, working from home has resulted in home time and work hours getting mixed up, especially for working moms it is a rather confusing routine. Online classes, work from home and daily chores happening at the same time has created quite a hectic routine and while it is teaching us to multi-task, this can be pretty exhausting. 

All you working mothers, it is time to work on mom’s daily planner. Write down the daily chores and allot time for each activity. Designate responsibilities to other family members also and keep turns. Focus on doing one thing at a time.

Moms are not the only one affected, everyone is facing problems in creating the right balance. At times, we get overwhelmed by work demands and sometimes the home distractions just don’t let you concentrate. 

Well, it is high time to get organized. Take back control of your life. You need to set work hours and follow them as you would at the workplace. Make a daily planner and divide your work hours with regular short breaks. Following a fixed timetable and sticking to it will help you maintain discipline and get control of your day.

List Your Work Goals According to Priorities

If you are trying out a new endeavor, be clear regarding what you need to achieve. Write down your work goals according to priorities in your daily work planner. Set a realistic timeline to achieve those goals. Work from one goal to the other and if it takes a little longer to achieve a goal, do not be harsh on yourself or give up. Remember not everything will go as planned, but consistency will always get you results, sooner or later. 

Be Patient

If your old job is not getting you where you wanted to see yourself, in terms of a promotion or a bonus, don’t get dejected. These are not normal times and it may take some time. Be patient! And if there are some financial constraints then plan to take up a side job. Again you need to have a proper plan for it, as to how you will manage it all.

Set Self Care Goals with Timeline

One thing positive that came from the pandemic was that people started focusing more on self care. Staying at home meant the luxury of cooking meals for oneself and loved ones, having the time to indulge in long walks, doing exercises and being more hygienic and health conscious. In doing so, it dawned on us how enjoyable these little things can be and how they can be a source of pleasure and contentment.

Reflect on Your Health

The virus has taught us to focus on our health more than ever. Health is not something we should ever take lightly. With only good health can you enjoy all the joys of life, otherwise all goals are meaningless. 

So it is time to take yourself seriously. Do not just think of doing things to improve your health, but make proper plans. List down all your health concerns one by one. Write down steps you will take to tackle your health issues. Reflect on what eating habits you need to work on and which you need to avoid. If there are health concerns that you think need professional help, do not delay it and consult a health or fitness expert at the earliest. Write down all the do’s and don’t as guided by the expert and make a fitness planner to work towards a healthier you. 

What Makes You Happy

This is the most vital point and often the most neglected one. We do so many things with the end goal of being happy, but seldom reflect on what actually it is that makes you happy. Is it money, family, friends, achieving goals or relationships? 

Take out time for what really matters to you. Make sure you do not get lost in the day to day activities and lose the real essence of life. Think about all the things that make you content and make a note of them. If it is time spent with kids, make sure to set some hours for them every day so you can enjoy some quality time. If it is an old hobby, indulge in it. Happiness is too precious! Do not let go of opportunities that bring it to you.

Attaining happiness is in fact the ultimate goal of every human, but often we remain tangled in the means to achieve it. Reflect on things you need to do for your personal and spiritual growth. Celebrate your achievements and learn to be happy with yourself. 

Write down the things you need to do to stay happy and make a conscious effort to do them. Having them in mind is not enough, if you write down the points it will serve as a reminder. And at the end of the week, refresh these notes to see if you were able to work on them or not. 

What Needs for Improvement

Life is never perfect and nor are you! Our journey as humans is not towards perfection but toward self-improvement. Bring calm and mindfulness to your daily routine by organizing yourself. Write down all areas whether personal or professional that need improvement. List all the goals you failed to achieve and why and how can you make it better this time around. Do not be harsh on yourself for falling short, it is practice and focus that will help you achieve results. Think what holds you back and work on those fears to lead a life full of abundance. Start organizing your life, one part at a time and soon you will be able to create a meaningful difference. Make 2021 a year that adds value to your life and helps you live a life of purpose. 

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