10 Tips to Get Organized as a Personal Trainer

10 tips to get organized as a personal trainer

Being a personal trainer is a demanding profession. Fitness trainers require more energy and discipline. Not only do they have to keep themselves in the best possible shape but they also have to entertain each client according to his or her personal needs and requirements. If you are training a number of clients in a single day, the need for organizing your work will be much higher. Do not let your workload overwhelm you. Follow these simple techniques to organize yourself in order to increase your productivity and reduce stress.

Wake up Early

An easy way to manage your schedule is to start your day early. In this way, you will have more time and be able to create a balance between your personal and professional life. Prioritize your work by making a schedule of your tasks according to the needs and preferences of your clientele.

Make Notes & Schedule different Workouts

Making notes by the end of the day can be very helpful.  For a personal trainer it is important to understand the specific requirements of a particular client. This can help you distinguish between each client with respect to their training sessions and their requirements. Keeping track of your clients and their progress will give a good impression about your effectiveness as a personal trainer. Try to write down all the details carefully and precisely so that you do not have to waste time trying to figure out which client has what requirements.

Prepare and divide the workout routines of all your clients and spread those over the week. Some workout routines do not require exercising every day and that may not even be suitable for all your clients. Group your clients according to either their age or fitness level. Such stratification will allow you to give the same workout routine to a number of customers and save your time.

Keep a Separate Cell Phone for Work

Try to keep a separate cell phone for work. This could be very useful in order to easily access your client’s details without getting it confused with your personal stuff. It will also help you distinguish between personal and work-related phone calls, allowing you to respond and communicate accordingly. Setting up a special voice mail will look more professional and it can also be used as a marketing technique. Moreover, if you want to take a break or you want to go for vacations, simply turn off your phone and enjoy your own personal time without getting interrupted with work related calls and emails.

Make Investments & Design an Understandable Gym Layout

Doing a small scale investment will help your business grow faster. Investing in fitness equipment for your gym can leave a great impression on your clients. In order to expand your business, you should add good quality massage equipment & muscle recovery equipment. There are many versatile products available at URBNFit which are not only convenient to use but also do not take up much space. These include vibrating foam roller, massage ball, exercise balls, pulse recovery roller, etc. A good personal trainer should not only focus on workout sessions but also consider post-workout services such as sauna baths, massages and services that help in muscle recovery.

Personal trainers who have their own gyms require more work and energy to organize themselves. A gym has a lot of equipment for exercise. It will be better for the trainer to design an attractive and easily understandable gym layout.

Make Use of Personal Training Softwares

There are a number of personal training softwares available at affordable prices. These softwares are designed specially to help trainers store information about their clients and manage their schedules effectively. They can also send message alerts to your clients and to yourself. You can even send motivational messages to your clients which would show them your interest and commitment.

Use Automated Response Messages

Personal trainers who offer online services need to stay up to date and respond to emails and messages on time. For that they should sign up with various email servers and use automatic response messages. The instant message response gives the impression of a concerned, responsible and active trainer.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Opting for the profession of a personal trainer automatically gives the impression that the person is active, efficient, organized and healthy. And this is what a client expects you to do for their life and routine. People who hire a trainer not only expect to get physically fit but they also expect to change their lifestyle and start a healthy routine. In order to meet client expectations a trainer has to keep his own routine in order.

Organize Client Data

It will be helpful for a busy trainer to arrange the specifications of each client in a separate file or folder and label them. To make it even more effective and easy to access you can arrange them in alphabetical order so that you do not spend too much time trying to find customer details.

Set Operating Procedures (SOPS)

For a personal trainer it is important to set rules and regulations for themselves and their clients. If you want a proper professional setup, it will be better to set some standard operating procedures (SOPs). SOPs can also help you in various ways to handle your upcoming appointments without getting into trouble. The work of a personal trainer is always risky because you never know what type of person you are dealing with. If a client is careless and does not follow the given schedule then these already set operating procedures or set of rules can save you from a headache.

Get Good Rest & Relax

Get a good massage for yourself, either by using self-massaging devices or ask your partner or go to a massage booth. Take a day off, remember if you are well rested you will be well equipped for your work routine ahead. Take a hot bath. Arrange your client’s schedule in such a way that you get to follow your own workout routine as well and therefore stay in shape. Your mental & physical health are most important if you ought to be a personal trainer.

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